10 Things I Love About Summer

Infinity Pool 4

Someday I want a pool like this.

1. That my teacher-husband is home. Time to tackle the honey-do list that waits for these few weeks of summer.

2. That we can eat our “big” meal at lunchtime and then have sandwiches for dinner.

3. Letting the boys stay up a little later.

4. Lazy time at the pool.

5. Catching up on TV shows I’ve missed all year.

6. Being able to take all of the boys to the grocery store with me. (Yes, believe it or not, I actually enjoy this. From time to time.)

7. Planning for the next school year. (I’m a teacher. What can I say? I love school!)

8. Having a few days of nothing on the calendar.

9. Vacation Bible school. I’ve always loved it. I probably always will.

10. Delicious fresh fruit.

Share with me: What are your favorite things about summer?

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