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Constructing the Perfect Man- Personality Potpourri

Okay, so last week for my Writer Wednesday post we discussed the construction of the “perfect man” based on physical characteristics.

I was surprised by two things: 
1. how many of you read the post but didn’t answer the questions. For those of you who did answer, I appreciate it so much and I loved your feedback! (Hey- it’s not too late to jump back to that post here and leave a response, ladies! I could use your input!)
2. The guys who so bravely left their comments. Way to go, fellas!

One of my theories on why some of you ladies may not have given your opinion on the last “Constructing the Perfect Man” post is that for some of you, looks don’t matter. So I expect to read a lot from you on this one. 🙂

So, we move on. Today I want to know what it is about a man’s personality that attracts you.

Do you like the funny-man? The brooder? The protector? The lover? The sensitive man? The care-giver? The perfectionist? The wanderer? The one who is outspoken? The strong, silent type?

I think we all like a combination of many traits.  But the personality traits that we love can be over-kill if given in large doses. For example, I can appreciate the man who is in tune with his emotions, but I don’t want a weepy dude who cries at the drop of a hat.

Once again, I’ll remind you that when we write romance, one of the things that is purposeful is creating a man that the reader can fall in love with. After all, if he’s going to get the girl and make all things good, the reader has to want that to happen.

Generally, romance readers like a man who is brave, strong, heroic, and eventually at some point in the book, passionate. But is this cliche?

Whether or not you like the Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer did a fantastic job of making Edward Cullen lovable. Just ask the millions of tweens, teens, and “Twi-Moms” out there who will tell you that E.C. stole their hearts. Why? It doesn’t have as much to do with him being written as physically attractive but more to do with the fact that he’s the ultimate protector. He’ll do anything to keep his girl safe. And that makes most girls swoon.

I know I’ve used Twilight as an example before, but it’s a well-selling series that has become not only a reading, but also cultural phenomenon.

So, I want you to think about your husband, significant other, favorite movie hero, book hero, etc., and tell me what it is about personalities of these men that makes them easy to love.

To help make this easier, I’ve listed my question below. Share your opinions. I’m interested to see what you find appealing.

Share with Me: What are the top 3 personality traits you find attractive in a man?


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